Ultra-Lite All Satin Hair Wrap - Woodrose

Those who have smaller heads (20"-23") and fine hair will appreciate the Ultra-Lite All Satin Hair Turban, the younger sibling of our best selling All Satin Hair Turban!

The Ultra-Lite All Satin Hair Turban is made of a satin weave 50% lighter than the All Satin Hair Turban. Made for movement, it has a tighter elasticized headband providing a no slip, no slide design suited for XS heads. So soft, stretchy, and light, it feels like a second skin and allows you to sleep without compromising on comfort or quality.

Our Ultra-Lite All Satin Hair Turban is a revolutionary hair care product that works to naturally condition your locks to promote growth, boost thickness, extend shine and reduce frizz. Chic enough to wear anytime of the day, our hair wraps provide a secure and protective layer between your hair and every day environmental stressors - UV rays, dry air, humidity. It also provides a protective layer between your hair and abrasive sheets at night, preventing damage to your hair cuticles and eliminating bed head. Wake up with beautiful, healthy looking locks every morning!

*Hand wash before use. See FAQs for more info.